Solar Rebate 2018 – Is My Property Eligible?

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Solar Rebate 2018 – Is My Property Eligible?


Is my property eligible for the solar rebate this year?

The most probable answer would be,
“Yes, it is.

However, there is a list of criteria every panel system must fulfill for becoming eligible. So, let’s find out your chances of success of being the right candidate for solar rebate this year. Install solar panels now as solar rebates are still applicable. Find out the best solar brands here in the market today.

Rebate For Residential House Owners

There’s a special certificate called “Small-scale Technology Certificate” or STC in short awarded to residential homeowners for investing in a PV panel system.

How much rebate am I entitled to?

The amount of rebate will depend on the size of your solar panels and the zone you’re currently residing.
The zone categories are as follows-

Zone 1                 Zone 2               Zone 3               Zone 4

There are four different shades representing each zone (1 to 4) in Australia -the lower your zone number, the higher your claim for STCs.


The time of writing this piece, an STC is sold at a spot price of $38.05. A family living in Melbourne would get 26.6 STCs using a 1.5kW solar panel system; hence, an offset of $1012.13.

A 1.5kW panel costs AUD4,500, which could eventually recover investment in 5 months!

Every eligible candidate for STCs must install a panel system below 100kW and must be installed by accredited installers of the clean energy council in Australia.


Solar rebate for commercials

This could be a lucrative option for businesses looking forward to lowering their operational costs by redirecting additional current to the national grid. Besides, there’s a tax-break of $6,500 for small businesses with lesser than $2m revenue, and more businesses will be allowed to sell their STCs to third parties for offsetting costs.

Nations began their race to build the next best alternatives to coal mining, something that wouldn’t pollute the air we’re thriving on every second. Therefore, choose your desired brand from the list of most popular solar panel brands in Australia.

What’s my feed-in tariff rate?

The tariff is the sum of money the electricity providers in your area will be paying you as they will buy the surplus electricity generated by your solar panel rig.

However, the sum will vary depending on the system and its capacity to feed the national grid with electricity (kWh- kilowatt per hour). The grid in return will adjust the rebate you’re entitled to as per the legal rights.


As a matter of fact, the time needed for recovering your investment will depend on the size of your panel, the consumption pattern and the area you’re living.

Three things to keep in mind about solar credits

  • A certified solar panel system correctly implanted by qualified installers will ultimately
    save a lot of money in a matter of few months.
  • Secondly, the solar rebate is likely to reduce further next year; hence, you are also likely to
    save money by adopting solar panels right away.
  • The upcoming government will change the laws related to the rebate procedure.
    So act now if you’re still willing to make money out of solar investment option.

I am hoping you’re more aware of solar panel rebates now after reading this.

So my advice is to get your 3 free quotes now to start investing in the renewable energy source
for a better and a more livable planet for our children.

Barry Martin
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