Solar Power Systems and Criteria: Is Your Property Compliant?

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January 18, 2020
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February 14, 2020

With solar power systems becoming a global epidemic, there is also a whole bunch of new criteria every property manager must comply with. Find out your compliance criteria for this year before investing in solar panels and batteries.

Eligibility to qualify for solar power systems:

When you book an appointment with a solar power system specialist, you should be prepared to answer a few vital questions to further assess your needs.

The following are the most vital questions frequently asked by representatives to willing prospects all ready to sign up for installing solar power systems.

Does the roof receive adequate sunlight?


Maximum sun hours leads to greater electricity and power

Your appointed representative may inquire whether the roof of your property receives adequate sunlight or not.

The sales representative can also help you assess how many hours of sunlight is your roof receiving every day, which depends on your location of course.

If your roof does not receive ample sunlight, it may not suitable for installing solar power systems at all.

If there are factors that can be diverted, for instance, some trees need to be cut down, then in such cases, your appointed sales representative will have to make arrangements.

How much electricity are you consuming at work or at home, and how much costs are you incurring?

You will be asked to provide information on your electricity consumption.

The appointed sales representative will take into account how much electricity are you using, including the monthly bill.

 Because there are thresholds to be crossed before you can implement solar power systems on your property.  

The sales representative will also take into account how much electricity you use and when is your peak consumption.

This will show the intricate details as to how much having a solar power system will benefit you.

If you use more electricity during the night time and less during the day, you might be able to lower your electricity bills significantly, depending on how many sun hours you can feed into the grid.

If your bill is already low and you still want a solar power system installed on your property, consult with your guy.

What is your roof type or shade?

The type of roof your building has is a major concern for solar power system providers as many roof types may not be optimal for solar power system installation.

The best suitable installation for solar panels is at a 30-degrees south-facing roof.


The solar panels on your roof need to align with the placement of the sun for optimal power generation.

If you have a flat roof, solar power system companies may not be able to install panels but might give you mounting and racking options.

  • The sales representative may also examine what your roof is made out of.
  • Solar panels can easily be supported by roofs of any material since it is all about mounting the panels.
  • The most commonly used materials for roofing is asphalt shingle, and this can accommodate solar panels perfectly.

As for some materials like tar or gravel, solar power companies may provide special mounting or racking systems to still install panels.

Having solar panels on rooftops also extends the sustenance for roofs as it shields the roof from natural elements; therefore, solar panels might be doing you two times the favor.

How many panels do you need?

Your solar power systems provider will need to know how many panels you may want.

The question actually rests in the hands of how many panels you are looking to set against the limitations of your rooftop.

The sales representative will take the roof into account and carefully calculate how many panels your rooftop can accommodate.

how many solar panels

Determine the perfect number of panels for maximum power generation.

He will then proceed to ask you how many you will need depending on your consumption and affordability.

Eventually, the sales representative will be able to assess how many you will need since getting extra may just cost you more and getting fewer than required might cut into losses.

3 Important Things to Consider Before Buying Solar Power Systems:

There are quite a few things to take into account before going solar and it may have you baffled.

Out of all those, most of them will be taken care of by your solar power installer, but first, ask yourself these three questions.

  • Will solar panels benefit you in the long run?

You can truly determine this by looking at your bills and recalculate the budget and by monitoring your electricity consumption pattern.

If you believe getting solar will benefit you, which it usually will, only then you can move onto the next step.

  • How many years of warranty does your installer provide?

If you have chosen to go solar then you’ll need to consider the warranty support.


Solar panel system installation at feasible prices. Get quotes today.

A solar power system usually pays for itself over the years and within 10-15 years, it can be totally paid for.

The only thing which hampers this is if your solar power system breaks down, and that’s when the warranty support will come into play.

You’ll need to ensure you are getting the best warranty deals with the most coverage.

  • The price of the entire setup and how much will be optimal for your consumption?

Getting a new solar panel system will need you to consider the cost of the whole setup versus your requirements.

You will need to determine how many panels to be set, which supplier to go to, and which type of inverter will bear the best ROI.

To wrap it up:

In order to comply with solar power systems implementation, ask yourselves the above questions first.

If you would like to get assessed for free of charge, give us a call today and find out whether your property is already compliant or not.

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