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Why Our Leads is so high quality?

1. Double verified leads
2. Consulting on solar leads is a regular process
3. Customers have faith in our consultancy
4. Our quotations are unique for different clients

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What Criteria Company need to Maintain

Must have at least 5 years of experience in solar panel installation.

Must provide information on past projects and clients.

Must provide a copy of license and the accreditation with the clean energy council of Australia.

How We Process The Leads

Quality Solar Leads

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Save the Environment

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1How frequently are the leads generated?
We have a dedicated support team working around the clock for verifying each lead and subsequently calling them to ensure the leads are 100% authentic.We refresh our leads twice a day in case of adjustments or changes.
2Do you charge commissions upon solar installation?
No, everything you would be earning from SolarQuotesNow will go directly into your bank account as we do not charge any extra commission for hooking you up with projects. The only investment you are required to make is for getting your hands on our authentic and double verified leads.
3Can you hook me up with more solar jobs in my area?
We intend to continue doing business in the long run, and that’s why we have a dedicated email marketing team to update you with the latest solar jobs in Australia.

All great things start's with conversation