Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Investing in Solar

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Thinking about investing in solar panels?

Well, the smartest decision would be to stop thinking and start doing instead. If you have extra capital simply locked away in a bank account believing the money will multiply itself?

Then I got bad news for you…

If you’re truly reading this, then you must think about investing in solar panels, which is a brilliant decision. But know of these common mistakes often committed while installing panels.

Mistake #1: Not hiring a certified installer

Hire a certified installer accredited by the clean energy council of Australia.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with lesser power and eventually curse yourself thinking it was a complete waste of investment.

Ask for the document it binds every licensed installer to carry.

Double check your consumption rate

Figure out your actual consumption pattern before betting your money on a PV system.

Not checking the consumption rate will lead to poor investment decision, as your solar panels will fail to deliver the right amount of electricity needed to run the appliances in your house.

Mistake #2: Not tilting the solar panels enough

The panels need to be tilted at least 10-degrees for optimum energy production despite having a flat roof surface.

Climb on your rooftop, the first place to go to for starting your research.

For determining the right angle for your panels you’re required to know the latitude of your location-

Latitudes of all the regions are:

Name of State Latitude in (degrees)
Darwin 12
Adelaide 35
Canberra 35
Hobart 42
Brisbane 27
Perth 31
Melbourne 37
Sydney 34


(all these numbers are in degrees).

One of the most common mistakes in solar installation committed by unprofessional installers only.

Steer away from any installer that does not recommend tilting your panel system.

Mistake #3: Not mating the connecting cables

Not mating the connectors attached to the panels is like you’re inviting corrosion to slowly reducing the performance level of your entire panel system.

The wires must not be left exposed in the open at all costs.

Humidity accompanied by intense sunlight will raise chances of corrosion and then it becomes a matter of a few months before you’ll be needing to change your whole setup again.

Mistake #4: Improper wiringcommon-solar-mistakes-solarquotesnow-au

Check for the two DC isolators that frequently burst into flames because of bad wiring.

This is exactly why only certified installers must be hired at all times that implement the appropriate and the safest methods for setting up solar panels.

Take your time before signing any contract with the local installer in your area._spacer size=”30″]

What’s net metering?

– A new billing system that automatically credits solar panel owners depending on the amount of electricity a panel has supplied to the National Grid throughout any month.

If your system can supply 500kWh to the grid and you’re consuming 1000kWh at night when your panels are switched off, you’ll be charged for 500kWh.

Enjoy 50% discount for contributing to the national grid.


Mount inverter under a shade

Mistake #5: Not mounting the inverter under a shade

Mounting an inverter directly under the sun will deplete its capacity at a lot faster rate than usual, which survives for twenty years at least, if handled properly.

Pay extra attention to the inverter as it will channel surplus power to the national grid which in return will be credited from your monthly consumption.

The device converts the DC into AC commonly used in homes and commercial spaces.

Another common mistake in solar panel installation that seems to be naïve but can lead to severe consequences in a short time.

 Mistake #6: Your mains supply is erratic

Not checking reviews for solar companies online.

Reviews of customers mainly reveal the credibility factor of every installer, which is why finding out whether their past clients of your chosen installer are satisfied with their work quality or not.


Mistake #7: Not calling the electrician for a routine check

Erratic voltage behavior will degrade the inverter.

If you’re suffering from fluctuating voltage at your residence, then call the electrician for inspecting your property and the wiring in the electric mains supply.

Mistake #8:  You’re ignoring those micro-cracks

Check for “micro-cracks” that are minute and impossible to notice unless observed real close.

Such imperceptible cracks are caused because of mishandling or for excessive force applied against the screen of a PV panel.

These cracks do not affect the efficiency rate of your system; however, as the crack gets larger, you’ll soon start noticing a significant drop in the energy production level of your solar panel system.


Hopefully, these common errors resulting from improper solar installation will not turn you into a complete

Investing in solar panels is still the best investment decision one can make, and as long as you’re erecting solar panels before 2022, the odds of your returns will be almost zero, unless you have mistakenly made one of these common mistakes in solar plantation.

So waiting no longer get your quotes now for free and start enjoying significant returns while avoiding these common mistakes in solar.

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