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About us

SolarQuotesNow is a one-stop solution both for solar panel lovers and installers alike, based in Australia. Finding free solar quotes is trickier today as the entire market is filling up with inexperienced installers ruining the image of the real professionals.

To filter the gimmicks from the real ones, we have done an extensive verification check before connecting them with consumers, simply because SolarQuotesNow respects your time and privacy. Get the best solar quotes recommended by the best solar experts currently operating and consulting worldwide. Furthermore, the experts we are working with are certified and have eight years or more experience in this relevant field.

SolarQuotesNow is a platform dedicated solely to the Aussies that have increasingly started to adopt solar. We intend to make lives simpler for property owners as well as solar panel installers in Australia. Three free quotes for the solar installation on your property will be tailored according to your unique criteria by our reliable installers. Consequently, pricing related to panel installation will be quoted after closely monitoring the existing market prices and packages offered.

Our mission

The mission of Solar Quotes Now is to help building an eco-friendly atmosphere, by encouraging more people to consider solar over fossils for generating power. When the world is relying on renewables for self-sustainability, you can place your quote now for the best solar panels at lower prices! Our services currently cover Australia only; however, our network is constantly growing and will eventually cover Europe and Africa by 2020.

8+ years of experience

Each solar installer in our network undergo heavy background-check before a client is assigned to him. In addition to background verification, every installer is mandated to qualify an assessment designed for judging their credibility. We strictly maintain a benchmark of 8 years and above in terms of experience level for selecting installers; hence, only the best experts get redirected to your email address. Our solar consultation service has been routinely providing free solar quotes for solar lovers since 2014. Our years of experience is finally helping us to understand your demand better for the right solar panel. We can even help you to calculate your ROI more accurately.

How we are the most successful in solar

The answer lies in our years of experience while working to build a trusted platform for the solar enthusiasts to connect. We believe in consumer happiness and this case, it’s you. It has always been the support given by our clients worldwide, for whom we are able to improve ourselves every day. Our network covers every corner in Australia, which mainly includes every bit of information related to solar and other renewables.